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vBulletin Transparent Gaming Skin

High quality transparent vBulletin gaming skin.
Change the background to any image or background tile with ease.


All 7 colors are included in the package.

View this skin in our store


How to add tabs to vBulletin 4

There is 2 good ways to add custom tabs to vBulletin 4.

The best way is a premium solution from Wolfshead.

The free solution which is also good you can download from

All of our skins are supported by Wolfshead solutions so check them out.


How do I enable the vBulletin 4 sidebar ?

To enable the forum sidebar you need to

1. Got to admincp -> options -> Forum Sidebar and Block Options and enable the Forum Sidebar option.
2. Then in admincp -> Forums & Moderators -> Forum Blocks Manager > Add Block and select from list below:

* Blog Entries
* CMS Articles
* Custom HTML/PHP
* Forum Threads
* New Forum Posts
* Social Group Discussions
* Tag Cloud


vBulletin Gaming Skins

We are happy to announce Seamus the ultimate vBulletin gaming skin which comes in 7 colors.

For more information about this skin, screenshots and demos please visit this link


vBulletin 4.1.4 Skins

All of our skins have been Updated for vBulletin 4.1.4.

vBulletin released a new editor for 4.1.4 which requires alot of template edits. I suggest all customers update their skins if they update vBulletin.


XenForo Skins & Templates

We at Bluepearl are happy to announce that we just released our first XenForo Skin.

Themes & Templates

XenForo Black Theme / Template

This Black XenForo Skin is now available from our shop for purchase.

Visit or XenForo Skins Store


vBulletin 4.1.1 skins

Bluepearl has updated all of our vBulletin skins for vBulletin 4.1.1

As well as updating all of our skins I added 4 new colors to the bTech vBulletin skin.

I added 4 new colors to bTech for vBulletin


The best vBulletin skins for forums

I have been working hard the last few months on our high quality vBulletin skins.

So far i have 12 great looking vBulletin skins and 2 more coming for vBulletin 4.0.7

As well as vBulletin skins we have 3 Invision skins and soon XenForo skins.

I am taking my time and effort to release high quality skins and when vBulletin 4.1.0 is released i plan to release alot of new skins.

You can visit our shop here:


Updated custom vBulletin 4 skin portfolio

Here are the latest custom vBulletin 4 skins i designed in the last few weeks.

View my complete vBulletin 4 portfolio here:


Eloquent vBulletin Skin

Eloquent vBulletin Skin

Eloquent vBulletin Skin

Eloquent blue vBulletin skin

Eloquent blue vBulletin skin

Beautiful, clean and professional vBulletin 4 skin

Style works with vBulletin suite - CMS, forums, blogs, vBGallery and vbAdvanced.